About Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a weight-less pbt fiber shaped to mimic the natural lash to create fuller, longer eyelashes. This process is semi permanent. Extensions are available in a variety of widths, lengths, and curls (and colors). Each individual extension is adhered to a single, natural lash using a medical grade adhesive. A classic set of lash extensions usually contains an application of 90-150 lash extensions. It is critical that each extension is attached to one, single natural lash. This procedure allows each natural lash to grow on its own growth cycle. The average person has approximately 150-250 natural lashes. An individual eyelash hair’s life cycle is approximately 144-166 days before it sheds. Normally we loose 3-5 lashes per day.
When eyelash extensions are properly applied, they will not damage your natural eyelashes. Your natural lashes shed regularly and continue to grow back, the extensions will fall off with yours. Be mindful that through basic wear and tear, some extensions may pop off on their own, with out a natural lash attached. An inexperienced Technician will cause damage, not the extensions themselves. The extensions are applied with a special adhesive that is similar to what is used in the medical field for suture-less stitches. If a Technician is applying extensions that are too long or thick for your natural lash, this is a damaging process. Also, if your Technician attaches the extension to more than ONE of your natural lashes, and does not separate and isolate properly, it will cause damage to your future lash health.
Lash extensions are made to weather any activity of your day to day life. You can shower, swim and exercise. The adhesive usually needs about 24 – 48 hours to cure. Extensions exposed to water too soon will cause the adhesive to hyper-polymerize (dry too quickly). This will cause your lashes to shed prematurely.
How long they last usually depends on how you care for them at home, including make up choices, cleansers, lifestyle, etc. Individual eyelash hair’s life cycle is approximately 144-166 days before it sheds. Normally we loose 3-5 lashes per day. Each eyelash extension lasts for the natural life of the eyelash cycle. This varies client to client depending on your beauty products, daily routine, age, and genes. Most clients return after 2-3 weeks because they love a consistent, full lash line. 1-2 weeks after your touch-up appointment: You will see shedding of the outer lashes first. Depending on which side you sleep on, you will experience more shedding on the side you favor. You may also loose lashes towards the corner of your eye nearest to the bridge of your nose. 2-3 weeks after your touch-up appointment: More shedding on the outer and inner corners and thinning in the middle of the lash line where more lashes have shed. As your natural lashes grow out of the follicle, they naturally twist and turn. This is a very natural occurrence, but could cause your extension to appear catawampus. There may be an increased number of lashes, which had a growth spurt. 3-4 weeks after your touch-up appointment: Same as above, with larger “chunks” of lashes shedding from the middle and more lashes having grown out. After 5 weeks please schedule an appointment. You will need to return for a full set.
The FDA does not currently regulate eyelash extensions, nor do they approve eyelash extension adhesive. If a company is claiming they or their products are “approved” by the FDA, they are sadly misinformed. Eyelash extension regulations vary widely between countries, and even from state to state. In the USA, many states DO require you to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist in order to perform an eyelash extension service.
The most common material for eyelash extensions is synthetic mink and silk, which are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT). The extensions used at ReeDawn Rose are created to mimic the natural lash hair. It is extremely soft and flexible and does not retain water. At this time, ReeDawn Rose only uses synthetic mink lashes. Other options include human hair, and the controversial animal fur (mink, fox, and horse to name a few).

Lash extensions are placed on one natural lash at a time, therefore the answer is no. A minimum length of your natural lash is needed to adhere the extension to. Natural lashes must be strong enough to support an extension. Extensions are not the same as lash strips or clusters.

About Lash Extensions Application

Eyelash extension application is a relaxing, spa like procedure. Coffee should be avoided as many clients tend to fall asleep. The procedure is usually preformed atop of a massage table or reclining chair. Your lashes will be cleaned, and then primed. Bottom lashes will then be secured with a safe eyepatch of sorts and the application will begin.

The average lash Full Set takes 2-3 hours. The average Fill/Touch up takes from 1-1.5 hours.

Do not get them wet for the first 24 hours (unless advised otherwise by your lash artist). WASH your eyes daily with an extensions-safe cleanser to keep your lash line clean. Many clients tend to avoid cleaning the eye area. Do not scrub, but gently wash your eye area to remove any oil build up. Only use water and oil free cleanser to clean the extensions. Oil breaks down the adhesive bond. Creams and serums should be applied sparingly. Avoid using cotton swabs or pads that will leave lint and catch on your extensions. Use of mascara or an eyelash curler is not recommended. Do not rub eyes or pick/pull at your extensions. Avoid sleeping on your face.

About Appointments

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. Any appointments cancelled less than 48 hours from appointment time will be charged 50% of the appointment fee. All cancellations within 24 hours, or no shows, will be charged 100% of the appointment fee. Please note, credit card payments incur a service fee of 2.75%  A No-show appointment will be charged as a missed appointment.  If you are late for your appointment, your appointment may be shortened to accommodate the appointment scheduled after you that is on time. You will however be responsible for the full payment amount of your appointment.
Please arrive with your eyes free of any eye makeup and have your lashes freshly cleansed and rinsed free of any detergent. If you are unable to arrive without eye makeup, please arrive early to remove your makeup with our cleansers. Avoid caffeine or stimulants a minimum of 5 hours prior to your appointment. Your eyes involuntarily move and stimulants will increase this action. Avoid wearing waterproof mascara at least 2 days prior to your appointment. Once you are wearing eyelash extensions you are strongly cautioned not to wear mascara because the oils in mascara will break down the adhesive bond.
Appointments can be booked by phone or online. Visit www.jill.fullslate.com or click the appointment link on the menu bar.
Although we are happy to except new clients, other lash stylists may not perform to our standard of care or they may not use the same or similar premium products we apply to achieve our luxury results. Therefore, each new client is scheduled a longer appointment than normal and charged a new client fee. This allows us to evaluate your lashes and determine the adjustments, if any, that are necessary.