Know What’s Happening in the Eyelash Industry: Part 5 – The End

Many Options: One Right Choice.

Now, you’ve learned a lot about the eyelash extension industry. As caution, I always stress that the “buyer beware” when striving for the look of luxury. And to me, luxury equals quality.

At ReeDawn Rose, it’s true that we don’t specialize in bargain basement beauty; those lash salons that do are basically a dime a dozen and once again, you get what you pay for.

But what we do specialize in at ReeDawn Rose Beauty, is luxury eyelash extensions that cater to the clients’ needs and wants, while optimizing their image appeal. We apply styled, stunning, damage-free lashes of only the finest quality and design.

To break that down, the lashes are porous and flexible; the lash glue is virtually fumeless, and as a result our clients aren’t left to suffer from burning or stinging eyes. Our products are applied by only licensed beauty professionals who are also expertly trained lash stylists. Our lash stylists have to under go at least 100 full sets before they are able to book a client. ReeDawn Rose is a pioneer in creating new lash application techniques designed for maximum fullness, longevity, and customization. ReeDawn Rose Beauty epitomizes the industry’s top performance in eyelash extensions and beauty services with flawless detail and innovative style.

The CR Lash System, a product of ReeDawn Rose Beauty, was created with the end result in mind- you! You, the satisfied customer, with eyelashes as full and lush as the life you intend to lead while wearing them. In addition to the consumer product that our savvy stylists apply, we also have a training course and product line so that stylist by stylist, the industry can be repopulated with the expertly trained professionals that our clients so rightfully deserve. Our students are taught revolutionary techniques for safe lash application with maximum fullness and innovative style. Because at ReeDawn Rose, we believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well! Here’s to the lush life.

Know What’s Happening in the Eyelash Industry: Part 4

“Mastery” is dedicated effort without attachment to immediate results!

In the lash extension industry it is an unfortunate truth that the “jack of all trades, master of none” is in the majority. This field is includes a combination of nurses, estheticians, makeup artists, and any number of people who haven’t mastered, but merely dabbled in what is a near-surgical procedure. Find out how long your lash stylist has been doing eyelash extensions- look at their certificate or license. There should be plenty of time between when they graduated/were certified and when YOU are sitting in their chair because estheticians do not spend the majority of their time in school or in the field doing lashes. This is a skill they have to practice for hours on end after they are licensed or in between facials and treatments.  If you’ve learned anything from me throughout this series, it’s that you should ALWAYS ask for the license! The license ensures your stylist has been taught the basics- sanitation, hygiene, tool maintenance, and customer service.

The mastery is another thing altogether. I’ve known of makeup artists who have done eyelash extensions for 10 years but they weren’t properly taught in the first place so guess what… they’ve been doing them WRONG for the last 10 years! I require my lash stylists to have at least 100 sets of eyelash extensions to their credit before I allow them apply them by themselves. After 100 sets a stylist is well on their way to mastery and can be trusted to not only have the skill and technique, but judgment to provide the client with the quality service they deserve for their hard earned money. When lash stylists who aren’t masters apply lash extensions we see clumsy, painful, and completely avoidable mistakes. Things like paper tape cutting clients’ eyes. Or gel patches seeping out and causing allergic reactions. All rookie mistakes, if you ask me. It is my greatest hope for the industry that it becomes completely regulated- that procedure- specific education and licenses become the standard, not just a novel idea. It would be a great benefit for us all.

Know Whats Happening in the Eyelash Industry – Part 3

Corrupting the Industry

Corruption: Cor`rup´tion


“The act of corrupting or of impairing integrity; the act of changing, or of being changed, for the worsedeparture from what is puresimple, or correct…”


In regards to corrupting the lash extension industry, Groupon and Living Social are two of the main culprits. Now, I’d never begrudge a girl a great deal, but as licensed cosmetologist and expert lash stylist it does give me pause to see these two bargain sites (and those like them) offering full lash extension sets for $50. And after the pause, comes the inquiry: how on earth are they able to do that? Ladies, here’s the truth- they’re able to offer this service at a fraction of the average retail price because they’re promoting novice labor. And after thousands of these internet deals get cashed in and thousands of novices make their beginners’ mistakes on their clients, the industry gets a bad rep. 


Now don’t get me wrong, I may discount a set of eyelash extensions if I have my apprentice apply them (not as low as $50 though); but even for a discounted fee you have in arm’s reach an expert, certified professional who not only can monitor the procedure but immediately fix any mistakes. $50! That’s not a deal, it’s a warning sign! Those who have amassed the number of lash extension hours and level of skill that it takes to be considered an expert would not be able to afford to slash prices so dramatically. It’s not cost effective. Experts know that quality products and high grade instruments – not to mention expertise- cost money, and all this factors in to what the customer pays out of pocket.  When Groupon offers a fire sale for fifty bucks- ladies, you can bet your bottom dollar that something is missing from that equation. And if those pennies saved cost you the touch of an expert, you’re paying for the equivalent of a surgeon practicing on your facelift. When they botch it, and they often do, it’s not just the customer who pays. It’s all of us! It’s not just your bargain basement lashes-r-us tech who gets the bad rep- it’s the entire eyelash extension industry as the customer walks around with an abysmal product for all the world to see.

Know Whats Happening in the Eyelash Extension Industry Part 2:

Licensed To Lash!

Ladies, know this: 90% of the practitioners in the eye lash extension industry are unlicensed. Why, you may ask? Because when the industry started, there were no rules and regulations in place, so anybody was able to take a lash extension course and then set up shop.


But now the industry has seen the error of its ways; unfortunately we’re quite a reactive- instead of proactive- society and just like in many other industries, it often takes somebody getting hurt before precautionary measures are taken. While the licensing rules and regulations may now vary from state to state in the eye lash industry, most states do require an esthetic or cosmetology license for a technician to apply eye lash extensions. Texas even has a specialty license that a certified cosmetologist or esthetician has to receive before they can perform the procedure. As they say, “don’t mess with Texas!” And good for them; clients seeking cosmetic services shouldn’t have to pay the price for a stylist’s miseducation.


Just like unregulated makeup artists ran amok in their practice (not cleaning tools, transferring bacteria from person to person…) lash extension technicians are doing the same thing when they aren’t properly educated. I don’t know about you, but I want someone who is millimeters away from my eyes to actually know how to handle their tools and have a FIRM understanding about the difference between sanitation, sterilization, and disinfecting. And a little customer service wouldn’t hurt, either! I’ve actually encountered stylists who’ve vehemently argued that they didn’t need a license; it wasn’t their intention to do facials or hair so why bother going to school to get all that “useless” education? Well, ladies… please pardon the public service announcement, but first of all, no education is ever useless. Second of all, I definitely wouldn’t want someone who fights tooth and nail for ignorance preforming a near- surgical procedure on me. Would you?

ReeDawn Rose is a licensed cosmetologist with more than 15 years’ experience in the beauty industry, a nationally featured lash stylist, and the creator of CR Lash System, a luxury lash extension product line and training certification course. ReeDawn has been a featured stylist in Lucky Magazine Online and Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle Hotel In NYC.  Visit her on the web at

Know Whats Happening in the Eyelash Extension Industry Part 1:

There Should be No Shortcuts On Safety

All lash extensions were not created equal. Ladies, this procedure- that can have you stopping traffic in the middle of rush hour- is comparable to surgery and should only be performed by a skilled and licensed cosmetologist. Step behind the scenes with me to see what happens when it’s not.

Client A has gone to a person who is not licensed and was poorly trained by one of these “lash companies” that is merely a fancy façade for a stylist who was also poorly trained and was able to get her hands on a lash manufacturer. What does this really mean? Currently there is no governing body that regulates the conditions under which this technician operates, i.e. cleanliness of environment, proper sterilization of tools, and accountability in the event there is damage done (heaven forbid) to Client A’s eyes. The State Board of Cosmetology has entered the scene fashionably late, declaring now that lash stylists must have an esthetic or cosmetology license. Thus far this rule has had no teeth. This is an 11-year-old industry that the Board has yet to figure out how to efficiently regulate.

But back to our lash stylist: her hasty and amateur training has left her unaware of the potential side effects of the Cyanoacrylate (adhesive) she uses near Client A’s eyes and therefore she is haphazard in applying it; this stylist has been lazily taught the warning signs of allergic reactions, and she doesn’t know the difference between sanitizing, sterilization, or disinfecting; she has used the wrong chemicals to clean her tweezers and is rotting her instruments. Of course, this further jeopardizes Client A’s eyes and is not good for the skin.

Uninformed, the stylist doesn’t know the value of using tape vs. eye pads, and the paper tape she uses to improperly secure Client A’s bottom lashes has the potential of cutting her corneas. The tape she uses to pull at the delicate eye skin to lift the lash line betrays the fact she is unskilled in isolating lashes using only her instruments and finger tips. When re-positioning herself, the stylist pulls on Client A’s skin and rips off the tape, causing pain and micro-abrasions. The one-day class this stylist took two weeks ago did not leave her prepared to work on Client A by herself. She is a beginner. The majority of her experience has been on a mannequin’s head. The stylist basically jabs at Client A’s eyelids because the lash-to-adhesive ratio is off and she is constantly trying to fix mistakes before the glue dries. This not only risks Client A’s eyesight, but also the loss of her natural eyelashes.

Now it’s been said that “a penny saved is a penny earned,” but truly, ladies: you get what you pay for. The extra money you spend for a licensed, experienced professional is well worth the value of maintaining your health and safety during what is meant to be a luxury procedure. Look for a license. Look for a certification. Ask to see it! It is very similar to visiting a plastic surgeon. Have you seen Botched!? This is the price you pay for valuing the hunt for the deal over expertise. Unfortunately there are too many Client A’s out there suffering at the hands of under-trained, unlicensed, (and dare I say, irresponsible) lash stylists and when that’s the case, the whole industry suffers.

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ReeDawn Rose is a licensed cosmetologist with more than 15 years’ experience in the beauty industry, a nationally featured lash stylist, and the creator of CR Lash System, a luxury lash extension product line and training certification course. Visit her on the web at





Hey all!  I just want to update you guys on the latest with ReeDawn Rose.  I am now one of only 3 lash extension businesses in Atlanta that are members of the National Eyelash Education and Safety Association!!!  NEESA is dedicated to empowering and protecting the eyelash extension industry by encouraging a supportive eyelash community through progressive education, industry best practices, and utmost integrity.  I am proud to be a member!