Know What’s Happening in the Eyelash Industry: Part 5 – The End

Many Options: One Right Choice.

Now, you’ve learned a lot about the eyelash extension industry. As caution, I always stress that the “buyer beware” when striving for the look of luxury. And to me, luxury equals quality.

At ReeDawn Rose, it’s true that we don’t specialize in bargain basement beauty; those lash salons that do are basically a dime a dozen and once again, you get what you pay for.

But what we do specialize in at ReeDawn Rose Beauty, is luxury eyelash extensions that cater to the clients’ needs and wants, while optimizing their image appeal. We apply styled, stunning, damage-free lashes of only the finest quality and design.

To break that down, the lashes are porous and flexible; the lash glue is virtually fumeless, and as a result our clients aren’t left to suffer from burning or stinging eyes. Our products are applied by only licensed beauty professionals who are also expertly trained lash stylists. Our lash stylists have to under go at least 100 full sets before they are able to book a client. ReeDawn Rose is a pioneer in creating new lash application techniques designed for maximum fullness, longevity, and customization. ReeDawn Rose Beauty epitomizes the industry’s top performance in eyelash extensions and beauty services with flawless detail and innovative style.

The CR Lash System, a product of ReeDawn Rose Beauty, was created with the end result in mind- you! You, the satisfied customer, with eyelashes as full and lush as the life you intend to lead while wearing them. In addition to the consumer product that our savvy stylists apply, we also have a training course and product line so that stylist by stylist, the industry can be repopulated with the expertly trained professionals that our clients so rightfully deserve. Our students are taught revolutionary techniques for safe lash application with maximum fullness and innovative style. Because at ReeDawn Rose, we believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well! Here’s to the lush life.