Know What’s Happening in the Eyelash Industry: Part 4

“Mastery” is dedicated effort without attachment to immediate results!

In the lash extension industry it is an unfortunate truth that the “jack of all trades, master of none” is in the majority. This field is includes a combination of nurses, estheticians, makeup artists, and any number of people who haven’t mastered, but merely dabbled in what is a near-surgical procedure. Find out how long your lash stylist has been doing eyelash extensions- look at their certificate or license. There should be plenty of time between when they graduated/were certified and when YOU are sitting in their chair because estheticians do not spend the majority of their time in school or in the field doing lashes. This is a skill they have to practice for hours on end after they are licensed or in between facials and treatments.  If you’ve learned anything from me throughout this series, it’s that you should ALWAYS ask for the license! The license ensures your stylist has been taught the basics- sanitation, hygiene, tool maintenance, and customer service.

The mastery is another thing altogether. I’ve known of makeup artists who have done eyelash extensions for 10 years but they weren’t properly taught in the first place so guess what… they’ve been doing them WRONG for the last 10 years! I require my lash stylists to have at least 100 sets of eyelash extensions to their credit before I allow them apply them by themselves. After 100 sets a stylist is well on their way to mastery and can be trusted to not only have the skill and technique, but judgment to provide the client with the quality service they deserve for their hard earned money. When lash stylists who aren’t masters apply lash extensions we see clumsy, painful, and completely avoidable mistakes. Things like paper tape cutting clients’ eyes. Or gel patches seeping out and causing allergic reactions. All rookie mistakes, if you ask me. It is my greatest hope for the industry that it becomes completely regulated- that procedure- specific education and licenses become the standard, not just a novel idea. It would be a great benefit for us all.