Know Whats Happening in the Eyelash Industry – Part 3

Corrupting the Industry

Corruption: Cor`rup´tion


“The act of corrupting or of impairing integrity; the act of changing, or of being changed, for the worsedeparture from what is puresimple, or correct…”


In regards to corrupting the lash extension industry, Groupon and Living Social are two of the main culprits. Now, I’d never begrudge a girl a great deal, but as licensed cosmetologist and expert lash stylist it does give me pause to see these two bargain sites (and those like them) offering full lash extension sets for $50. And after the pause, comes the inquiry: how on earth are they able to do that? Ladies, here’s the truth- they’re able to offer this service at a fraction of the average retail price because they’re promoting novice labor. And after thousands of these internet deals get cashed in and thousands of novices make their beginners’ mistakes on their clients, the industry gets a bad rep. 


Now don’t get me wrong, I may discount a set of eyelash extensions if I have my apprentice apply them (not as low as $50 though); but even for a discounted fee you have in arm’s reach an expert, certified professional who not only can monitor the procedure but immediately fix any mistakes. $50! That’s not a deal, it’s a warning sign! Those who have amassed the number of lash extension hours and level of skill that it takes to be considered an expert would not be able to afford to slash prices so dramatically. It’s not cost effective. Experts know that quality products and high grade instruments – not to mention expertise- cost money, and all this factors in to what the customer pays out of pocket.  When Groupon offers a fire sale for fifty bucks- ladies, you can bet your bottom dollar that something is missing from that equation. And if those pennies saved cost you the touch of an expert, you’re paying for the equivalent of a surgeon practicing on your facelift. When they botch it, and they often do, it’s not just the customer who pays. It’s all of us! It’s not just your bargain basement lashes-r-us tech who gets the bad rep- it’s the entire eyelash extension industry as the customer walks around with an abysmal product for all the world to see.