Know Whats Happening in the Eyelash Extension Industry Part 2:

Licensed To Lash!

Ladies, know this: 90% of the practitioners in the eye lash extension industry are unlicensed. Why, you may ask? Because when the industry started, there were no rules and regulations in place, so anybody was able to take a lash extension course and then set up shop.


But now the industry has seen the error of its ways; unfortunately we’re quite a reactive- instead of proactive- society and just like in many other industries, it often takes somebody getting hurt before precautionary measures are taken. While the licensing rules and regulations may now vary from state to state in the eye lash industry, most states do require an esthetic or cosmetology license for a technician to apply eye lash extensions. Texas even has a specialty license that a certified cosmetologist or esthetician has to receive before they can perform the procedure. As they say, “don’t mess with Texas!” And good for them; clients seeking cosmetic services shouldn’t have to pay the price for a stylist’s miseducation.


Just like unregulated makeup artists ran amok in their practice (not cleaning tools, transferring bacteria from person to person…) lash extension technicians are doing the same thing when they aren’t properly educated. I don’t know about you, but I want someone who is millimeters away from my eyes to actually know how to handle their tools and have a FIRM understanding about the difference between sanitation, sterilization, and disinfecting. And a little customer service wouldn’t hurt, either! I’ve actually encountered stylists who’ve vehemently argued that they didn’t need a license; it wasn’t their intention to do facials or hair so why bother going to school to get all that “useless” education? Well, ladies… please pardon the public service announcement, but first of all, no education is ever useless. Second of all, I definitely wouldn’t want someone who fights tooth and nail for ignorance preforming a near- surgical procedure on me. Would you?

ReeDawn Rose is a licensed cosmetologist with more than 15 years’ experience in the beauty industry, a nationally featured lash stylist, and the creator of CR Lash System, a luxury lash extension product line and training certification course. ReeDawn has been a featured stylist in Lucky Magazine Online and Yves Durif Salon at The Carlyle Hotel In NYC.  Visit her on the web at