Know Whats Happening in the Eyelash Extension Industry Part 1:

There Should be No Shortcuts On Safety

All lash extensions were not created equal. Ladies, this procedure- that can have you stopping traffic in the middle of rush hour- is comparable to surgery and should only be performed by a skilled and licensed cosmetologist. Step behind the scenes with me to see what happens when it’s not.

Client A has gone to a person who is not licensed and was poorly trained by one of these “lash companies” that is merely a fancy façade for a stylist who was also poorly trained and was able to get her hands on a lash manufacturer. What does this really mean? Currently there is no governing body that regulates the conditions under which this technician operates, i.e. cleanliness of environment, proper sterilization of tools, and accountability in the event there is damage done (heaven forbid) to Client A’s eyes. The State Board of Cosmetology has entered the scene fashionably late, declaring now that lash stylists must have an esthetic or cosmetology license. Thus far this rule has had no teeth. This is an 11-year-old industry that the Board has yet to figure out how to efficiently regulate.

But back to our lash stylist: her hasty and amateur training has left her unaware of the potential side effects of the Cyanoacrylate (adhesive) she uses near Client A’s eyes and therefore she is haphazard in applying it; this stylist has been lazily taught the warning signs of allergic reactions, and she doesn’t know the difference between sanitizing, sterilization, or disinfecting; she has used the wrong chemicals to clean her tweezers and is rotting her instruments. Of course, this further jeopardizes Client A’s eyes and is not good for the skin.

Uninformed, the stylist doesn’t know the value of using tape vs. eye pads, and the paper tape she uses to improperly secure Client A’s bottom lashes has the potential of cutting her corneas. The tape she uses to pull at the delicate eye skin to lift the lash line betrays the fact she is unskilled in isolating lashes using only her instruments and finger tips. When re-positioning herself, the stylist pulls on Client A’s skin and rips off the tape, causing pain and micro-abrasions. The one-day class this stylist took two weeks ago did not leave her prepared to work on Client A by herself. She is a beginner. The majority of her experience has been on a mannequin’s head. The stylist basically jabs at Client A’s eyelids because the lash-to-adhesive ratio is off and she is constantly trying to fix mistakes before the glue dries. This not only risks Client A’s eyesight, but also the loss of her natural eyelashes.

Now it’s been said that “a penny saved is a penny earned,” but truly, ladies: you get what you pay for. The extra money you spend for a licensed, experienced professional is well worth the value of maintaining your health and safety during what is meant to be a luxury procedure. Look for a license. Look for a certification. Ask to see it! It is very similar to visiting a plastic surgeon. Have you seen Botched!? This is the price you pay for valuing the hunt for the deal over expertise. Unfortunately there are too many Client A’s out there suffering at the hands of under-trained, unlicensed, (and dare I say, irresponsible) lash stylists and when that’s the case, the whole industry suffers.

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ReeDawn Rose is a licensed cosmetologist with more than 15 years’ experience in the beauty industry, a nationally featured lash stylist, and the creator of CR Lash System, a luxury lash extension product line and training certification course. Visit her on the web at